Church Hospitality 1: Make a Great First Impression

Thanks for making the decision to improve your Church’s Hospitality Quotient. I think you’ll find it was a good call.

As promised, here’s the first Church Hospitality Tool:

How to Make a Great First Impression

However: Before you start reading, a few words from experience:

  • Start with the low-hanging fruit. Don’t make any big changes until after the church has experienced some success.
  • Take your time. It probably took years for your church to pick up some bad hospitality habits. You won’t be able to change them all by next week.
  • Get buy-in. Share these resources with your key leaders (and not just the ones who have a “position”). When leaders lead, congregations follow.

Download the First Impressions Article

Over the next few days, we’ll explore how to turn visitors into members by helping them connect with your congregation and how to avoid the 7 Deadly Church Hospitality Sins video.

We’ll see you soon!