Hospitality Now! Training System

Saturday, November 27th 2021

From: Bill Tenny-Brittian, The Effective Church Group

It happens more than you might imagine. A first time guest gets up the courage to drop in to a local church and even though the sign clearly says, “Everyone Welcome” within just a few moments they realize they’re not “everyone.”

You’ve already heard me say that poor hospitality is the #1 reason people don’t return to your congregation. Yet most churches don’t have a clear action plan to fix this plaguing issue. They simply recruit “greeters” and hope for the best. That’s why we’ve created this Hospitality Now! Training System – a full compilation of our best, hardest hitting materials for pastors who want to position their church as the place that takes First Impressions seriously.

In fact, hospitality is more than just being “friendly.” I mean, come on, Country Clubs are friendly, right? To truly become a specialist in guest hospitality, it takes a clear vision, a sound strategy, and diligent action. And you can’t afford to do it poorly.

 Do the Math 

If your church received two first-time visiting families per week, and all of them stayed, your church would grow by approximately 250 new participants each year. High expectations? Maybe. But the sad reality is that most churches in North America retain less than 15 percent, and many we encounter keep less than 10 percent of their first-time guests.

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Churches that Major in Guest Hospitality, however, often see retention rates leap to over 50 percent, and some to nearly 70 percent! Only you can decide a reasonable expectation for your congregation, but let me ask you: What would just a 20 percent increase in guest retention mean to your church vitality, growth, and bottom line? If you are not consistently retaining new guests, it may be time for a tune-up.

In just the first training section alone, I’ll let you in on the most vital elements of Church Hospitality, and provide:

  • THE Most Common Hospitality Faux Pas, and How to Prevent them.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions to Avoid Dreadful Hospitality Mistakes.
  • Expert Insight on What Needs to Happen at the Front Door to Make your Church a Haven of Hospitality.
  • The Platinum Rules of Hospitality – Four DO NOT’S that will Absolutely Change the Way You Welcome Your Guests.

 Don’t Count on the Sermon 

Most legitimate studies state you only have three to twelve minutes to make Your First Impression. Wow! That means your first-time guests may have already made up their minds to return:

  • BEFORE the sermon
  • BEFORE the music
  • and even BEFORE they sit down!

So how do you make a positive and memorable impression, without adding undue stress to your life or to your (likely) already frantic and misguided volunteer team? You depend on a well-constructed system, a checklist, a plan … and we have done all the groundwork for you.

In the second video section, we’ll provide:

  • How to Replace Parking Lot Blunders with WOW! Moments for your Guests.
  • The Pre-Service Checklist that will Spot Problems BEFORE Your Guests “Check Out.”
  • How to Tactfully RETIRE Mr. Grumpy Greeter (and Ms. Unsweet Usher, and Mr. Haggard Host), and RECRUIT Your “First String” Volunteers for the Front Lines.
  • Cost-Effective and Easy-to-Implement Information Stations that Will Knock Your Guests’ Socks Off.
  • How to Equip Your Regular Attenders with Effective (and Non-Threatening) Strategies to Connect with Guests.
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 Guests Notice Everything 

Do you have any idea what first-time guests actually talk about when they get back in the car after the service? Since you’ve read this far, I’ll let you in on a little secret … the message isn’t number 1 on their list. Or even number 2. When first-time guests leave your church, they talk about their experience.

In the third video section I’ll provide the finer points of hospitality (that have been refined over the years) to make sure your guests not only feel right at home, but are ready to hear and experience the Gospel:

  • The 5 S’s of a Guest-Friendly Nursery (hint: #5 is SIZZLE!)
  • How to Effectively Deal with Real Parking Problems
  • Exterior and Interior Signage: Get it Right
  • Why “Clean Restrooms” Just Aren’t Enough
  • Additional Insights for Creating Congregations of Hospitality

Instruction Manual

And here’s the deal. Not only will you receive this 3-Section Hospitality Now! Training System, you’ll also get a comprehensive Instruction Manual video – for your hospitality team leader. This video outline a step-by-step process on how to best use the tools in the Hospitality Now! Training System to ensure your guests get the red-carpet treatment that will bring them back again and again. And with this Instruction Manual Video, you can be assured your congregation’s hospitality training isn’t dependent on you to manage or implement!

3 Seasonal Videos

If that wasn’t enough, you will also be the first to receive 3 SEASONAL HOSPITALITY VIDEOS – created from our most recent research with churches across the nation on how best to Welcome and Retain Visitors & Guests in your most time-sensitive seasons of the year!

  • Capitalizing on Christmas – Christmas is an exciting time, but does attendance seem to dwindle when January rolls around? You’ll discover the key steps successful churches are following to replace Christmas Burnout with a season of anticipation that lasts beyond the New Year.
  • Welcoming Your Easter Guests – There’s a high probability that many who visit on Easter Sunday will not be back until Christmas – or even next Easter! We’ll guide you through every aspect of your Easter planning, and share some proven secrets to make them WANT to come back the following week.
  • Mesmerizing Your Back-To-School Visitors – There’s an old saying that goes “Mom decides where the family goes to church. The kids decide if they return.” If you’re not taking advantage of this unique (and often forgotten) season of your church, you may be missing out.

16 Curated Hospitality How-To Articles

  • Hospitality Tools
  • Everyone Wants to Feel Like Someone
  • Worship that Welcomes
  • Reversing Unwelcoming Welcome Habits
  • Can Churches Become a Third-Place for Community?
  • The Three S’s of a Rocking Nursery
  • Be Our Guest
  • Why Young Adults Avoid Church
  • … and more!

Finally, just to ice the cake, we’re also providing a membership in our Effective Church Coaching Forum:

  • Here’s the place to launch your Hospitality Questions … and church leadership questions … to some of the most savvy church geeks in the nation.
  • Get near-immediate response from Dr. Bill Tenny-Brittian.
  • Get the latest “what’s working” tips from church leaders nationwide

For the last 30 years, our organization has directly served over 1,000 churches, training literally hundreds of thousands of church leaders, and amassed a wealth of cutting-edge resources. Put frankly, we know what works, and we want to share it with you. It’s kind of like having tankers full of $1/gallon gasoline … it’s time to get the word out to everyone!

We believe that after digesting these 24 targeted video training sessions, you and your congregation will be more equipped than ever to prevent Poor Hospitality from sending another first-time guest away. So take action today. Effortlessly encourage and equip your volunteers, replace wishful thinking with a proven system, and kickstart your Hospitality Now!

You’ll Get:

  • The Church Hospitality 24 Session Video Training Set
    … complete with Small Group Discussion Instructions
  • The Hospitality Team Leader Video Instruction Manual
  • 3 Seasonal Hospitality Training Videos
  • 16-Article Hospitality Pack from Net Results Magazine
  • Membership in the Effective Church 24/7 Coaching Forum

Valued at over $225,  you get the complete Hospitality Now! Training System for only $124.95 $99You’ve got nothing to lose, and all those visitors to gain!

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