Did You Know …
Poor Hospitality is the
#1 Reason First-Time Visitors Don’t Return!

Yet most churches don’t have a clear action plan to fix this plaguing issue. In fact, the average return rate for first-time visitors in the US hovers around 15% … and for the average mainline church that number plummets to 11% or less!! However, over the years we’ve worked with churches and have developed practices that raise return rates up to 85%.

From: Bill Tenny-Brittian
Managing Partner, 21st Century Strategies

Bill Tenny-Brittian, Hospitality ConnoisseurAt 21st Century Strategies, we’re committed to helping churches reach their communities effectively and efficiently. That’s why we’ve put together three resources that are practical, relevant, how-to resources designed to

Raise Your Church’s Hospitality Quotient
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  • Discover how to make a first-impression that gets visitors coming back:
    3 Page White Paper
  • Discover how to help your visitors connect with your congregation:
    8 Page E-Book
  • Discover how to avoid the 7 Deadly Church Hospitality Sins:
    6 Minute Video

“Now that we’ve applied these principles, virtually every visitor has a totally positive experience … and about 85% return!”
Pastor Scott Musselman
Our Saviors Lutheran Church

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